This is a complete list of the MotR Ranks  

Padawan (awaiting tags)

Republican (lvl 15 admin)

Knight (lvl 14 admin)

Prince (lvl 13 admin)

Priest (lvl 12 admin)

Warrior (lvl 11 admin)

High Priest (lvl 10 admin)

Legend (lvl 9 admin)

Emeperor (lvl 8 admin)

Warlord (lvl 7 admin)

Supreme Warlord (lvl 6 admin)

Lord (lvl 5 admin)

Guardian (lvl 4 admin)

Underlord (lvl 3 admin)

Supreme Underlord (lvl 2 admin)

Avatar (lvl 1 admin)

Overlord (lvl 1 admin rcon)

Supreme Overlord (lvl 1 admin rcon) *Bonza Only*

Additional Ranks...

Council Leader

Council Member


Recruiter(s) (Moderates the Recruitment Section}