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The MotR Show Plot Empty The MotR Show Plot

Post by cacturne on Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:11 am

This is the Story of how the MotR Show will go by.

The Sith are planning a deadly attack to wipe out all the jedi. While the Sith gather things, Bonza has decided to train his clan by giving them training lessons and missions . However, there are 2 sides to this show. Choose a path, And Complete Your Task!!

Sith Side: The Sith are gathering the things needed for the deadly attack. They Need the septer to bring back tavion and dessan from the dead. They need Reelo Baruke and Boba Fett to join their ranks. And they need to take control of certian planets to give them the advantage. When They are ready, they will attack 3 main places where the Jedi are training. The Jedi Academy, the Jedi council, and Dantooine. After their attacks. They will prepare for the final battle, At Korriban! The sith will do their best to protect the tomb of Darth Vader in order to bring him back and defeat the jedi!!

Jedi Side: Bonza has decided to train his clan by sending them on missions. After these missions, They will be assigned to attack certian places where the sith are hideing: Tatooine, Sith Academy, and Blue Ice Twilight. They will also need to recruit Obi-Wan Kenobi and Chewbacca to help them on their missions. For their final mission, They must goto Korriban to stop the Sith From bringing Darth Vader back to life with the septer!! The Jedi must protect the Galaxy At ALL costs!!

Well, You have seen Both Sides of the story. Now Choose a path, And Complete Your Task!!


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