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Post by stormjedi on Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:03 am

-= BobaFett's Ultra Utility v3 =-
Starting console log file..
Log started at: 7/29/2011 7:22:41 PM

StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ok ppl
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: i really do miss the red and white for ur name cactina
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»*sings teh pasta song* PASTA PASTA ITSA SPICEY MEATBALLS >3<«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: Attention!!
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ that was in AA tiff }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: lol
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ and dont called me cactina }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: w
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: I bring this meetin to order!
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: aw
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ that makes me pissed }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: all of you stfu
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: how lol
Seriken: cactina lol
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: first order of business
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: LOL
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: who
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»PASTA FTW ^.^«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: will lead the recruiters?
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: k shh
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: no more
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»22 min left hurry >.<«§»
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: lol
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ *gives the bird to stormjedi* *laughs like peter griffen* }-{
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: _place imperial office chair
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: lol
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: listen
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: lol cac
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: we need to nominate
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ hehehehe }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ storm }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: someone to lead the recruiters
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»shhhhh«§»
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ storm }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: then add the recruiting team
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ wait }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ?
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ wait }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: stormjedi
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: _place cinematics chair
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ we need to set the council chairs }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: what does that even mean?
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: hmm?
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ then set the table }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: .....
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ and then we start }-{
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»I nominate tiffy stormy«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: !!!
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ ill log }-{
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»lawl«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: as am i
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: I can be server protector
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ROFL
<Tiffany*}MotR{*UL>: I'm good at that
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: tiff
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»omgeh 21 minutes LADIES!!!«§»
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: yes
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: your scary
<Tiffany*}MotR{*UL>: ik
WARNING: The Bank has been Hacked
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: lol
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: are you guys ready or not?
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: yes
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»Yes«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: all sit
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: yes
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ Obama: I,president Obama, will never eat white rice again }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ALL SIT
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ok
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: nominations
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ wait }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ let me log }-{
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»wtf lol«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ....
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: UU - JA Minimized
<Tiffany*}MotR{*UL>: u lamed
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: i am logging
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: i want
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: 3 nominations
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: for ldr of recruiting
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: the other 2
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: will be on recruiting team
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»*raises hand*«§»
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: UU - JA Restored
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ? yes dan?
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ im logging }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: just speak lol
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»K we nominate our selves?«§»
Seriken: some1 tele me to where you are
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ no? }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: i would prefer not
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: yno
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»ok«§»
[Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C]: i join where u are cause im coucnil co-leader
[Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C]: ftw
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: come on
Seriken: i frozen why
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: nominate here
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»Ok i nominate tiff«§»
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ nominate for what }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: exactly
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: recruiting leader
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: we need 3 nominations
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ well }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: other 2
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ recruiting for what }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: will be in team
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: we can't have nominations when that person doesn't know what duties they have
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ppl who will
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: recrute and promote motr members
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: very important
Seriken: bla
Seriken: bla
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: um I can't
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ how about we let the avatars and up do that }-{
Seriken: bla
Seriken: bla
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: avatars and uo
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: because
Seriken: bla
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: up have other duties
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: dan I nominate u
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: shut up serken
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: i lead council
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: such as trialing
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: bozna leads clan
Seriken: lol
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: and such
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ oh }-{
Seriken: lol
Seriken: lol
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: lvl 1s are slightly busy
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: ur always on diff servers dan
[Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C]: if it fails can i be ldr?
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ serikan shut up }-{
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: guys
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: i nominate
Seriken: am i annoying u
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: dan
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: use the fricken admin chat
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: SHUT UP!!!
Seriken: ?
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: for ldr
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»Very Happy«§»
Seriken: ?
<Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL>: i forgot we had this lol
Seriken: ?
Seriken: ?
[Console] - shutup ser
shutup ON
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: USE
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: ADMIN
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: CHAT
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: i wish I could mute
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: ...
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»epic who u nominate?«§»
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: this is admin?
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ sit ltc }-{
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: lol tiffany
[Console] - shutup ser
shutup OFF
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: /shutup
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: yes
<Tiffany*}MotR{*UL>: lol
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: mk now
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ bonza }-{
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: lets finish
Seriken: yay un muted
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: we have tiff and dan
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: give everyone a chair to sit on
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: we need one more
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: _place cinematics chair
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: i nominate
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: cacturne
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ wut }-{
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: for?
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: cac
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: recruitment team
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: inominate him,
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: _place cinematics chair
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: we now have
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: 3 ppl
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: _place cinematics chair
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: who will lead?
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ .... }-{
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: dan cac or tiff?
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: not me
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: vote now
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: ok 2 ppl
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»So....since no one else is nominating its settled on me?«§»
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: dan
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: we need another nominate
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: I vote dan
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: someone nominate someone!!!!!!
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: how about
WARNING: All of the Bank's Credits have been stolen Re-Hack the Bank to earn more Credits
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: dan and tiff, 1 be leader 1 be co-leader
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: I vote dan
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: there
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: settled
Epicwolf}MotR{*P joined the spectators.
Epicwolf}MotR{*P killed himself
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: works good
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: but now
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: we have to vote
Epicwolf}MotR{*P joined the battle.
Epicwolf}MotR{*P entered the game
Epicwolf}MotR{*P killed himself
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: Epicwolf}MotR{*P hows it goin'!
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: who will lead?
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: vote now dan or tiff
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»UU stfu lol«§»
<Tiffany*}MotR{*UL>: dan
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: who will lead
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: dan
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»hm?«§»
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: ltc
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: we have
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: will u lead the recruitment
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: omg
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: 2 vote for dan?
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: ye
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ t vote }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: Very Happy
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: 1 vote*
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: i vote for tiff
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: aw
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ tiff voted twice }-{
<Tiffany*}MotR{*UL>: lol
<Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL>: i vote dan
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: cac who you vote for?
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: did I?
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: i say dan
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»Omg so whats happening noa i ldr or something?«§»
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: epicwolf?
WARNING: The Bank has been Hacked
<Tiffany*}MotR{*UL>: yay
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL called a vote
Vote cast.
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: bonza close this door
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»Very Happy«§»
Vote passed.
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: wtf
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: woa doidn't vote
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: k
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: did you /passvote?
<Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL>: no
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: there was 5 yes votes
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: mk then
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»im honored to be leader Smile«§»
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: dan is ldr
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: tiff co-ldr
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: dan
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: tiff is coleader
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: Very Happy
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: gg
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: dan
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: your job
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: is to test members
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: for maturity
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»i tink they r /tell«§»
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: ...
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: ......................................
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: rlly?
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: and see if they are worthy
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: ltc
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: /admins
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: for promotion
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: anyway
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»ok«§»
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: k
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: WAIT
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: now listen
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: i want
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»cool im lvl 2«§»
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: any one lvl 5 and up
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: their promos
<Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL>: ltc make ur rank *RL
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: to be handled by the council
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: «§»okay«§»
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: ok?
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: k
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: now
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: storm
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: ?
<Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL>: ill go make u the mod of the
<Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL>: recruiter's section
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: i need to talk to u in private chat about adding a subject to this meeting
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL killed herself
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: wait
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: any more business?
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: !!
[Console] - admins
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: 13 'Prince'
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: 1 '1'
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: 1 'Council Leader', '1', 'Avatar'
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: 3 '3', 'Underlord', 'Council Member'
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C: 2 'Council Member', '2'
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: 1 'Supreme Underlord', 'Council Co-Leader', '2'
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: ?
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ i want to add }-{
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: ?
<Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL>: i have something
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*LGN*C renamed to Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»ok«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: must speak
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: here
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»RL correct?«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: want to be diff
[Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C]: is it ok to talk about the MotR show during this meeting?
<Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL>: yes
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»ok«§»
[Console] - tell cac after everything else
[Console] - tell cac after everything else
[StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C]: after everything else
<StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C>: what bonza?
[Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C]: k
[Console] - scale 120
<Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL>: holdon
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ what is it blue guy }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ lolololololo }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL killed herself
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ wtf }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: dan
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»hmmm do i got scale btw...«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: not nice
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ no spam }-{
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»i didnt do tht«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: bonza?
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: holdon..
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ epic wolf? }-{
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: yes?
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: sir
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ nvm }-{
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»Burt srsly didnt do that :\«§»
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: use admin chat
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: ok?
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: oh btw
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ... i want server logs during council meetings plz
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: he didn't do that
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ?
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: for those of u who havent registered on the site
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: do it now
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»Oh hawt i got scale wooo«§»
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: sorry
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: k
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: i will
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: ok
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ANY MORE BUSINESS?
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»OUGHTA MY CHAIR WOMAN!«§»
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: tell me onxfirlater
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: i have something
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: yes holdon jkedi
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: to say
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: dan
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: if ur leader
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: im making dan the moderator of recruitng zone
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: be mature
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»Sorry«§»
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: tiff
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»but it was my chair first...«§»
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: i am VERY immature
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: and i lead a clan LOL
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: tiff
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: that's it
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»........«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: dan leads recruiting
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL disconnected
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: you now report
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: sigh sit still or ur demoted
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: Sad
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: .....
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: dan
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»Yes«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: you are authroized
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: over all recruiters
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: they report to you
WARNING: All of the Bank's Credits have been stolen Re-Hack the Bank to earn more Credits
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: you report
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: to the council
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»Cool i control fang now«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ok?
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»ok«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: fang is lvl 1
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»darn«§»
§îkmÄh~ connected
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: he is recruiter by default
Padawan connected
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: he reports to council
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»oh well ok«§»
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: i have somthing to say
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»yes?«§»
Seriken killed himself
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: yes cac?
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: fang is an ovl
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: its about what i told u storm
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: he owns all ur asses
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: lol
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»lol«§»
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: is it a good idea to say it now?
§îkmÄh~ renamed to Ràgnø§»Apprentice
Ràgnø§»Apprentice entered the game
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: wait
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: bonza
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: k
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: anything else?
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: hello fellow nox person
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: FG
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: YES i want to discuss
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: tyvm
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: the map rotation problem
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: but im modding
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ yes }-{
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: Dan
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: dan
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ go ihead }-{
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: on the site
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: off to join MotR i see
[Console] - shutup rgn
shutup ON
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»what rag and cac?«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ragnos
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: be quiet
Padawan entered the game
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: Hey there, Padawan
[Ràgnø§»Apprentice]: unmute me
Padawan: hi
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: lol
Padawan: how I register
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: motr is a lot better than fucking gingersa
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»Um yeah why? and btw rag ive rejoined so.....«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: login padawan
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: gingers*
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: HA
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: wow gay ass site
Padawan: how I login?
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: this is hard
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ anyway }-{
Padawan killed herself
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: dont mute ragnos guys
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ i have somthign to say }-{
[Console] - shutup rgn
shutup ON
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: he says he has
[Console] - shutup rgn
shutup OFF
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: something to tell us
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: let him speak plz
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»If you dont mind im gonna scale myself to 1000 :\«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ok then
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: i have something important to tell you
[Console] - gethere rgn
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: speak
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: yes?
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: Abuse
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ ok }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: brb
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ragnos speak
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: i have just been abused
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ with? }-{
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»why?«§»
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: who is abusing
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: Muting
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ -_- }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: you are not muted
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: and Tiffany
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: speak now
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ storm just said not to mute him }-{
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: do you know Outcats joined crew
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: about your business
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: we do
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: yes I kow that
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: yes
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»darn playfx fail«§»
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: Outcast jonied crew
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: aye
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ ye }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ so did jedim }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ and rhyno }-{
Padawan connected
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: mhm
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: so what?
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: we know this
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: but that wasnt what my point was
Padawan disconnected
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: I trust outcast, I'm not sure about some others
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: the abuse has to stop
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ???
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: or your not going to get clients
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: what abuse?
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: the muting me for no reason
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: i got kicked earlier
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ when }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: tiff?
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»nvm cac lol«§»
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: no
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ anyway }-{
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: jesus guys leave him alone
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: so Dan Cac
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: u want to know who i am
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ we will discuss this }-{
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: revan?
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: no
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ i guess u are someone i hate? }-{
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: wrong
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: not raven
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: nope
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: damn
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: you are joker
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: saren?
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: Prestige
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ uh }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ PRESTIGE }-{
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: AH hey
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: just tell us
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: i left MotR
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: cuz of abuse
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: you were joker
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: ooh
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: you left
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: joker
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: by your own
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: storm
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: i didnt want that shit to happen
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: nope
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: laming i recall
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: abuse and disrespect
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: I told u he would be back lol
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»Bonza my lvl doesnt have give all :\«§»
Padawan connected
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: so Dan
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: you dont need give all
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ i dont know why }-{
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»ok«§»
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: ragnos why are you here?
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: you had something to say sir>
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»so dan wat?«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: erveyrone be quiet, only ragnos, bonza cac and ymself may speak
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: its been a while
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»okay so should i know u?«§»
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: Prestige
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: Ragnos
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§».....OH!«§»
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: the person who bought u treehouse
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: hurry it along
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: or Volo
Padawan connected
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»Yeah yeah volo wat bout him?«§»
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: gulp.....
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: that = me
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: who on earth r these spadawan?
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»OH HAI!«§»
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ strange }-{
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: ok here is my point of being here
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: crew needs to go
[Console] - tell bozna i want server logs during council meeting plz
[Console] - tell bozna i want server logs during council meeting plz
User bozna is not on the server
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: wrong
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: ileik crew
[Console] - tell bonza i want server logs during council meeting plz
[Console] - tell bonza i want server logs during council meeting plz
[StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C]: i want server logs during council meeting plz
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: leave them alone
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: they HAVE to be dead
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»gtg in 3 min btw«§»
Padawan entered the game
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: Hey there, Padawan
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: or they will mess this server
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: WHO THE FUCK LIKES CREW
Padawan: _login
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: i like crew
Padawan killed himself
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: Owwie
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ i dont see a threat with crew }-{
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: Fang
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: Howdy
[Console] - gethere fng
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: ?
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: fang sit down
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ besides them being a laming clan }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: sit down fang
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: council meeting
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»Fang guess who iz recruiting leader heh....«§»
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: then u dont know what they did then
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: last night
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: lol dan
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ ur mom? }-{
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: fang is an overlord
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: there was a Hack attack on NoX
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: that is what ragnos?
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: he still owns ur ass
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: in authority
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: we know
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: orl
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»So lol i like everyone to know stuff«§»
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: yeah that was my buddy rhyno
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: led by non other than General Rhyno
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: i gave him a high five
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: and your point?
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ eh }-{
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: LOL dude if you're here to tell us that
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: rhyno is out to hack us
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: g2g in 5 m minutes btw
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: ur wasting ur breath
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: Ive knows rhyno for years
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: my point is what is stopping them from doing it to this server
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: why?
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»2 min gtg«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: is fg up ragnos?
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: Nox
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: MF
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: Boss
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: they're all gay
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: there are plenty of reasons to get rid of them
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»true dat«§»
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ wrong bonza }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ragnos is FG up?
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: Laming
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ i think !!BOSS!! has some good maps }-{
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: i think
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: true
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»Well boss is cool...«§»
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: uFang
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: Fang
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: then dont be concerned
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: ?
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: go back
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: boss can build but they think jka is
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: to your server
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: not better then bonzas though
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: life lol
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: i am Prestige/Volo/Whatever other names u know
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ oh }-{
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: !chatstyle Fáng
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: Chatstyles - Chatstyle set to Fáng
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»if motr would to die then boss would be my tmp clan....«§»
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ brutas was pissed off about u }-{
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: i really wanted to mention the abuse
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ragnos
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: you were given
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: who's been abusing you ragnos
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: a chance to talk about abuse
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: when you left
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: it just needed to stop
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: you lost it
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: sigh
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: you should be thanking me
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: for what?
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»Bb guys i need to go Sad«§»
Ràgnø§»Apprentice: for coming back
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ no matter what happens }-{
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*C: «§»BB!«§»
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: why?
Ltc.dan*}MotR{*RL*^ disconnected
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ i was not part of this conversation }-{
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: --->BRB<---
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ afk }-{
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: afk
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ragnos
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: you came
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: what's going on here
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: to tell us what we already know
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: you gave up a lvl 4 position
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: why r u guys all leaving
<Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C>: fake a brb or afk to make him stop talking
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: WHATS GOIN ON!!
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: to be a padawan
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: you left
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: because
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: lol
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: tiff punished you for laming
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ back }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: what else do you need to say?
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: truth is wee all lame
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: anyway
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ .................................................... }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ are we done here? }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: business finished?
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: we have motr show
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ yes }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: but thats it for offcial busines
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: so cac
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: cac you have the floor
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ k }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: listen to him
[Console] - scale 100
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ on the MotR show }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: what motor is on your car for the show
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: get it?
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ only Ltc applied for it }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: lol
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: you guys
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: need to join
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ tiff sit down damnit }-{
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: back to council?
[Console] - bind z freeze
[Console] - bind z freeze
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: I don't need to sit down now
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ ...... }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: bonza is not here
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: this is still meeting
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: i will do it
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ ty }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: calm down
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ like i was saying }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ only ltc applied for the show }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: we can talk like normal people
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ storm }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ?
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ did ltc agree to run the sith side? }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: idk
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ ........ }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: it was on olf forums
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ old forums? }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: bonza del that
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: we are now
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ wheres the new 1 }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: i believe
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ damnit }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ i need to register on there }-{
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: yes that
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: why was I told to sit when others r not sitting???
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ besides that }-{
Ràgnø§»Apprentice disconnected
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ i will repost everything on the new forums }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: hey bonza
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ bonza }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: excellent
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ did u make a seperate folder for the motr Show on new forums? }-{
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: --->BAck dog got out<---
Padawan timed out
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ anyway }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: ..
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ when bonza gets the seperate MotR Show folder up }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ i will repost everything back on there }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: good deal
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: anything else?
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: also bonza
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: plz make a folder
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: for council meetings
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: i want ppl
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ i will also post a fake applacation for u guys to copy and paste to apply for the Show }-
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: to be able to post new business
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: why on earth don't u guys use facebook
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ cause }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ mine got hacked }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: i prefer forums
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: --->I dont have facebook<---
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ by my cousin }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ anyway }-{
<Tiffany*}MotR{*UL>: yeah mine did too, make a new 1
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ if u like to join the MotR Show }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: what is the motR show?
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ please tell me now so i can write ur name on this list }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: its a program
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: me and cac were working on
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: i was never explained to what it was
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: before motr died
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ the MotR show is about Our Clan facing the Sith }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: basically
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: sith vs jedi
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: i record it
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: ?
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: and put it on youtube
<Tiffany*}MotR{*UL>: ..
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: and we all be famous
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: lol
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: omg lol
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ where MotR is the jedi side }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: and im the sith
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ and the Sith is the Sith side }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ well no storm }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ u got to record }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ remember? }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: exaclty
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: because i have to record
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: ok
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: soemone else must be the all powerful sith
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ also }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: what do we need to talk abouyt
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: i will join:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ sush }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ shush* }-{
Targetname triggered.
[Console] - bind m screenshot
[Console] - bind m screenshot
Wrote screenshots/shot0086.jpg
Wrote screenshots/shot0087.jpg
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: fang
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: --->Hi<---
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: sit donw yourslef
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: --->Im OVl<---
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: you dont belong up here
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: --->IM OVL<---
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: storm just shut up for once
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: i dont care lol
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ Me and Storm need to write out each episode before we ask all of u to act it out }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: no1 needs to sit
[Console] - bind z killother
[Console] - bind z killother
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ that is correct? }-{
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: --->Im higher than you therfore I tell you to sit down<---
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: wer'e all admins
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: right
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: but
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: ok??? wget back to where we wee
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: we take suggestions
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ how about this }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ we all sith }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ sit* }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ and the person whos talking have to stand up }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ there }-{
Tiffany*}MotR{*UL: brb
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: fang
acidboss connected
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: meditate
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ now }-{
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: --->?<---
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ theres outcast }-{
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: --->BRB<---
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ i think }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: outcats
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ anyway }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: is in crew
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: thats waht
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ oh ye }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ thats waht }-{
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: from boss
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ like i was saying }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: guys lets finish this up
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ wait }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ We will use some custom maps }-{
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: !!boss!!
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ please download them when u can }-{
acidboss entered the game
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: right
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: we will have links
acidboss: UU - JA Restored
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: on forums
acidboss killed himself
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ if u want to join the Show now, please tell me now }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ME!!
Ma§terWaht!!BOSS!!*CO: wut show
Ma§terWaht!!BOSS!!*CO: Chatstyles - Chatstyle set to waht2
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ and ill write ur name on the list }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: waht say yes
Ma§terWaht!!BOSS!!*CO: You and skywalker make a great team
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: your gonna be a sith
Ma§terWaht!!BOSS!!*CO: »ok«
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ storm }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ -_- }-{
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: ok yes me
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ he has to apply }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: Very Happy
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ remember }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ they have to choose a side }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: right
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ tiff }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ wolf }-{
Ma§terWaht!!BOSS!!*CO: »sith«
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: anything else?
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: there
Ma§terWaht!!BOSS!!*CO: UU - JA Minimized
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ do any of u want to join? }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: i need to go soonzors
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: --->Okay Im back for a min<---
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: Sithvsjedi
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: --->Making dinner so<---
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ wolf? tiff? }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ any of u want to join? }-{
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: ill join
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ k }-{
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: --->Join what?<---
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ ill write ur name on the list }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ bonza }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avat killed himself
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: ow
Epicwolf}MotR{*P: !!
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL killed himself
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: Owwie
[Console] - goto epic
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ did u make a seperate folder for the MotR Show? }-{
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: yes
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ k }-{
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: is that it?
Padawan connected
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: any more business?
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ please give me the link for the Website }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ and i will register and edit it now }-{
Padawan disconnected
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ k }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ that is all i have to say }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ stormjedi u have the floow }-{
Cacturne}MotR{SUL*C: }-{ floor* }-{
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL killed himself
Fáng*}MotR{*OVL: Owwie
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: im gonna test the site's tracker
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: all minds clear?
Cacturne}MotR{SUL disconnected
<Fáng*}MotR{*OVL>: WTF!?
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: theres something that lets me
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: edit the server from the
Bonza*}MotR{*SupremeOVL: site
StormJedi*}MotR{*Avatar*C: is everyone done here?

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