Read Before Applying for the Show.

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Read Before Applying for the Show. Empty Read Before Applying for the Show.

Post by cacturne on Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:05 am

We do need members for this show. If there are too many people on 1 side. Me and storm might ask u to go to a different side. We need equal people on both sides for this show. Here is how to apply.

To apply for 'The MotR Show', you need to post an Application. Reason why: so u dont forget anything we might want to know. Plz Copy and Paste this App and put it on a new topic. - Cacturne

In-Game Name:

Which Side do u want to be on?:

Saber Color:

Saber Style:


How often do u come on JKA?:

If ur skin is a Custom skin, please give us a link on the topic: Map/Skin Ideas For Show.


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